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Below are testimonials (Rave Reviews) of my work with others. I’d like to extend a very deep heart-felt thank you to all my clients for the many ways you bless my life! I truly appreciate your love and support. The greatest honor my clients give me are their testimonials and referrals to others.

If you would like to leave an audio testimonial instead of a written testimonial, please call (512) 827-0505 Ext 6351 to record your testimonial. You may find it helpful to follow the suggestions below.

You do not have to post any information, which can personally or professionally identify you.

Previously, if clients discovered a mistake after posting their testimonial, I was able to edit it for them if they requested. This option is no longer available, so please check before you post. To post a testimonial, simply click the “Post New” link below!

Below are a few questions you may wish to address in writing your testimonial:

1. What problems were you experiencing before working with me?
2. How were these problems affecting your life? (Use specific examples.)
3. Describe the turning point or “final straw” which motivated you to get support?
4. When did you see results? What changes did you notice first?
6. How else has your life been affected because of your results? Give specific examples.

Thank you so much for your support of my work with you.

Avelon B McNae

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Last message was posted at 11/7/2013, 7:37 AM, MST.

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“She has given me hope, wisdom, and direction.”

I met Avelon about 4 years ago while traveling in Durango. I needed a compassionate person to hear me out, give me some direction and help me in the grieving process over the loss of my husband. I desperately needed help and guidance for my daughter, who had turned to drugs in her grief. I cannot express enough gratitude to Avelon for all she has done for me and how she has given me hope, wisdom, and direction in an otherwise very difficult and sad time in my life. She has seen me through it all and I am forever thankful for her help and guidance. Life would have been so much more difficult without her. Thank you so much Avelon!!!

Regina Koon, 11/7/2013, 7:37 AM, MST

“The results of seeing Avelon were powerful and immediate.”

I recently did some EMDR therapy with Avelon. I had been dealing with the trauma of a recent divorce, as well as unresolved issues from the past. The results of seeing Avelon were powerful and immediate. After just one session I could tell the difference.If you are dealing with the effects of trauma, please get help immediately. God puts people like Avelon on this earth to help those in need. The sooner you start, the sooner you can heal and start living the life you deserve.

Paul D, 11/1/2013, 10:59 AM, MST

“Avelon is a heaven sent.”

Avelon is a heaven sent. If it was not for Avelon’s positive coaching and communication tips my wife and I would not be together today. Thank you Avelon.

Patrick, 10/20/2013, 4:22 PM, MST

“Her intentions are pure and she can help you.”

I had depression. I could recognize all the wonderful things that I had—a loving husband, a beautiful home, great physical health, etc.—but I couldn’t find any joy in them. Thoughts started to creep in on ways to destroy myself. I didn’t want to get out of bed. All I could do was cry everyday and put on fake smiles when with other people. The heartfelt words of my husband bounced off of me with no effect.It was when I spoke with my dad, who at one point had also dealt with severe depression, that I realized that I needed to seek help. I asked him, “How do I know when I need to talk to a professional?” He replied, “When you ask that very question.”I made a couple calls to various counselors in the area and had left messages. Two days later nobody had returned my calls. It was becoming apparent to me that, indeed, killing myself was a valid option. I then found Avelon—just one more try. I left a message with no hope…just like the rest. But within minutes she called me back. She called me back and saved my life.

My sessions with her were always professional and I always felt like I was in a safe environment to discuss matters that I hadn’t told anyone—not even my husband. I felt comfortable with her from the very moment that I stepped into her office. Avelon brought me to a place of realization. I had lost a lot of my “identity” in the last year—especially when a career that I had spent years trying to build fell through—and Avelon helped me see that loss for what it was and brought me to a level where I felt like I could start to build something new and succeed.

Please find Avelon if you need help. When it feels like nobody else cares about you, she genuinely does. In fact, we still stay in touch just to say “hi.” Her intentions are pure and she can help you.

Anonymous, 8/5/2013, 8:58 AM, MST

“…the honest soul to care about what you are when you leave.”

Seldom does one have the opportunity to meet an individual who commands such knowledge of a specific discipline or who also joins that command of the subject matter with a real personality to go along with the talent. Avelon is one such individual who has a special blend of all of the above. As one travels this world, geographically, intellectually and emotionally it is rare to observe someone who sincerely wants to assist others in their worldly journey. It is not difficult to find people who have a command of counseling or therapy, or perhaps they are sincerely interested in the clients, but few have it all. Avelon is, without a doubt, a one percenter. The one percenter is the top of the human pyramid when it comes to others in the same field. Avelon has been tremendously helpful to me in my difficult journey through a divorce and early childhood trauma which latently effected my marriage.

With the utmost confidence and conviction I would refer Avelon to any and all who want a real person who has the tools to help you and the honest soul to care about what you are when you leave.

This writing is really not a testimonial, it is a tribute the Avelon for all she has done for me and the many others who have been blessed to have found her. God blessed me with finding Avelon, I know he has blessed you or you would not be reading this.

Enjoy your journey!

Dr. Les Paull, 7/29/2013, 3:07 PM, MST

“…incredible insight and wisdom and an amazing ability to communicate…”

My wife & I have been married for 43 terrific years. Somehow over time, my ability to communicate and truly hear what she needed to say, to be in touch with her deepest feelings, had been slowly evaporating over the years. We had a façade of happiness. I am delighted to say that situation has begun to change. Thanks to Avelon, we have been given real tools with which to construct a new relationship. Avelon has incredible insight and wisdom and an amazing ability to communicate truths that has produced positive results we can feel, right now. We can feel our relationship changing and growing into what we’ve both wanted for many years but didn’t quite know how to achieve it. Now, we continue to grow together and discover a deeper love…together. We will be forever grateful for Avelon McNae.

J&P, 5/18/2012, 4:50 PM, MST

“Avelon heals with her care, expertise and faith-driven treatment…”

I do not know Avelon as a therapist but I have had the honor of getting to know her as a fellow “healer”. She is a woman of God, full of integrity, has a wonderful sense of humor and truly cares about those who cross her path. There are very few practitioners that I would refer to but Avelon is one I would refer to with ease. Avelon heals with her care, expertise and faith-driven treatment modalities. Thank you for choosing this healing path, Avelon!

Ellen Hartwell, ellen@ellenhartwell.com , http://www.ellenhartwell.com, 6/2/2011, 5:18 AM, MST

“Keep up the good work!”

Just came across your site. Keep up the good work!

Brian Gleason, corebri@aol.com , http://www.exceptionalmarriage.com, 5/22/2011, 9:22 PM, MST

“…she is also the most compassionate person…”

I call Avelon my angel on earth, because I believe an angel in heaven must have sent me to her! Not only is she highly educated, and extremely knowledgeable, she is also the most compassionate person that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.I was a skeptic when it came to energy healing, but I’m here to tell you . . . “if you have never tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing”. There’s absolutely no way that the energy that flows through Avelon’s hands comes from a source on this earth, it is a God given gift! The only word that I can use to describe the experience, is “profound”.Thank you Avelon!!!

Gwen, 3/26/2011, 8:48 PM, MST

“Avelon can help you, so get help!”

Whether in crisis or in need of less urgent but still important life counsel, Avelon is a valuable resource. Her synergistic combining of Christian truths and educational expertise is spot on and is helpful to a variety of needs. The bottom line is Avelon can help you, so get help! You’re worth it!

Anonymous, 3/22/2011, 5:14 PM, MST

“…great change, improvement, and healing…”

I highly recommend working with Avelon… I’ve seen great change, improvement, and healing in areas that I could not get forward movement on for years. Thank you Avelon!

Louisa Drouet, louisa@forwardmvt.com , http://www.forwardmvt.com, 3/17/2011, 9:45 AM, MST

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