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Are you tired of trying to quit smoking on your own? Are you needing help to quit smoking? In my Hypnotherapy practice in Littleton, Colorado near Denver, Colorado people frequently want help to quit smoking. It’s much easier to quit smoking with hypnotherapy.

How long have you been smoking? Years, right? Like most people, you probably didn’t imagine when you started smoking that today you’d still be doing it. Admit it; it’s got you worried about your health. You’ve probably noticed a lot of shortness of breath, burning in your chest, fatigue, coughing, deteriorating health because your immune system isn’t holding up so well any longer, not to mention the smell, cigarette burns, and the rising cost of your ‘habit.’

One of the very best things you can ever do to improve your heart health drastically, and to assist your recovery program with any other addiction is to quit smoking. With Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation it becomes a lot easier to quit smoking!

While the decline of cigarette smoking among U.S. adults from 24.7% in 1997 to 19.2% January – September 2011 (according to the Centers For Disease Control & Prevention) indicates more people are quitting or never smoking, there is still a fairly large percentage of people who are risking not only their health, but the health of those closest to them as well.

Regardless of what you smoke, whether it’s cigarettes, cigars, or a tobacco pipe, nothing will more greatly improve your overall lung and heart health than quitting smoking today. Every puff you take from your cigarettes causes a detrimental strain on your lungs and heart, and significantly contributes to problems related to heart and lung health.

If you are serious about improving your overall health, you certainly are well-advised to consider talking to your doctor about quitting smoking. Smoking is easily stopped when you’re ready with the help of hypnotherapy. Smoking cessation is one application for which I’ve been successfully using hypnotherapy to help people with many health-related problems since 1995.

Most doctors would agree that one of the leading factors in poor heart health and heart disease is the addiction of smoking. If you are interested in your heart and lung health and the well-being of your life, please consider quitting smoking as a way to begin regaining the health you’ve lost. If you have made the decision to quit smoking in the interest of greater health, it’s advisable to consult with your doctor to discuss the possibility of treatments to alleviate some of the withdrawal symptoms you could experience with nicotine cessation. Your doctor may also suggest other ways of improving your overall health.

If you’re ready to seriously consider quitting smoking, please take advantage of my No Risk 15 Minute Free Consultation.¬†Call me now at 970-422-6102 to find out how I can help you!

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