Individual Counseling

Do you ever find yourself:

Struggling with unhealed abuse from the past that still gets in your way today?

Finding your phobias or addictions are controlling you and you can’t seem to find a way out of them?

Feeling out of control, suffering from chronic fatigue, anxiety, brain fog?

Struggling to set boundaries with family, friends, and colleagues…and as a result feel taken advantage of and unappreciated?

Failing to make decisions that will benefit you just as much as benefitting others in your life (without feeling like a selfish snob in the process)?

Drudging through life in a haze of depression and overall unhappiness?

Constantly doing what others want you to do, not what you really want to do?

Feeling isolated and disconnected from God and / or others?

Resolve Long-Standing Problematic Patterns With Solution-Focused Therapies For Postive Outcomes

The focus of individual counseling or couples counseling is resolving the underlying issues or traumas that hold these dysfunctional patterns in place wreaking havoc in your life and helping you to move into the positive outcomes you desire. It takes courage to step into an active place of healing and I will be with you on your healing journey every step of the way with compassion, guidance, skill, and the expertise you need. Rest assured you will be in good care as we proceed together.

Trauma-resolution brings healing on many levels and allows much greater freedom of the expression of love and intimacy in relationships. My counseling work with clients integrates time-proven, traditional psychotherapies with spiritual principles, biblical scripture, and prayer with holistic, evidence-based, and complementary therapies such as EMDR II Trauma Therapy, Theophostic Prayer, Bio-Energy Therapies, MARI Mandala Art Therapy, and Clinical Hypnotherapy that create positive changes at the levels of mind, body, emotion, energy, and spirit.

If you’re needing to heal, looking for extra support, compassion, and guidance through a challenging situation, or you’re simply ready to move in a new direction in your life with some professional assistance, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals now. Together we will find ways to help you reach them with your best results possible in counseling / therapy. Call me today at 970-422-6102 for a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation.

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