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Have The Devastating Effects Of Pornography Taken Their Toll On

Your Marriage Or Relationship?

The Internet is the method through which most of us communicate and get to know one another in our modern day era. It is also a great source of educational information, but it is also a place that harbors a vast amount of sexually explicit material called pornography.

Helping couples overcome the damaging effects of pornography use and sex addiction is one of my areas of specialization in my private practice. Individual and couple appointments are available locally in Littleton, Colorado and worldwide with phone sessions or secure, encrypted, online video-conferencing sessions.

Are You Struggling With Some Of The More Common Problems 

Pornography Can Induce?

  • The frequent porn viewer often has difficulty in becoming sexually excited by their significant other due to the effects of pornography on the user’s brain chemistry.
  • If there are kids in the household it can raise questions about exposure to the children.
  • The partners of frequent porn viewers often find themselves in situations they would otherwise find objectionable in a normal, healthy, sexual relationship.
  • The frequent porn viewer can quickly lose interest and will often watch porn instead of sharing intimacy with their partner.
  • Pornography viewers often lie about their pornography viewing and lying about it creates a wedge of dishonesty between partners.
  • The partners of frequent porn viewers can become overwhelmed with the feelings of sexual inadequacy and feel their partners are cheating on them.
  • Pornography use in a committed relationship violates the couple’s agreement of sexual monogamy.
  • Are you frequently finding yourself more and more detached from your partner and are you enjoying your time viewing pornographic materials more?
  • Has your partner asked you to stop watching the material, but you can’t seem to stop yourself from doing it?
  • If you feel that your porn viewing has reached that point it is time to get professional help.

I’ve been helping couples with sex addiction for the past 25 years!

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Pornography or porn is a visual representation of sexuality, which distorts a person’s notion of the character of conjugal relationships. Both sexual attitudes and behavior alter when one watches too much of this material. It’s a significant danger to kids, to family, to marital unions and to individual happiness. It’s among the leading variables undermining social stability by sabotaging marriages and relationships.

For some adults the usage of pornography (which is comprised of websites and sexually oriented adult DVD’s) or cybersex (which may be comprised of sending explicit sexual e-mails or using sexual chat rooms) may be a passing fascination, a wellspring of sexual stimulation, or serious dependency called sex addiction.

For individuals in committed unions, the secret use of cybersex or porn is a lot more complex, as it presents a threat to both partners’ relationship and can affect their general attitude toward the opposite sex.

Innumerable couples want to determine the best way to approach pornography issues in their relationship. Some couples report using porn to improve their sexual relationship. However, in reality the use of porn may be erotic, but it significantly erodes the attachment bond and the emotional and sexual intimacy between two partners. Other couples completely avoid using it, recognizing the dangerous impact to their relationship as a form of infidelity that can lead to affairs and sex addiction. And a third group of couples are finding they do not concur about the use of porn at all.

The Psychological Impacts Of Pornography

One reason that cybersex and pornography is often so addicting and really powerful is because it has a neuro-physiological impact that imprints itself on the brain. If a person’s demands or interests are met through pornography, then the brain will register it, remember it, and desire it when the emotions resurface again. This problem together with the secret use of pornography for sexual arousal and stimulation creates virtual infidelity through online venues. Healthy, loving couples intimacy is replaced by an unhealthy ritual through pornography abuse.

Fortunately, in the previous decade, research on the social effects of porn use has increased significantly giving us a much broader and deeper explanation of the effects of pornography.

Married men that must take part in porn viewing in the research studies feel attached to their wives in a negative way and less satisfied with their conjugal relationships. Wives are upset by the difference in their husbands and always notice the negative impact on their relationship, which will of course raise a multitude of questions about the stability of the union as a whole. Porn screening is perceived by both partners as a precursor to infidelity because it drives a wedge between partners due to the questions it raises about fidelity, physical desire and commitment.

Porn use is often a major variable in family catastrophes, and is a pathway to greater infidelity and divorce. The most dangerous thing about porn use to keep in mind is that it can easily become addicting and become a major problem drastically affecting an individual’s personal, business, and extended relationships.

Couples Intimacy Coaching With Avelon B McNae

Creating a environment free of porn plays a big part in the successful healing process between couples and is the only way to begin reestablishing new trust and deeper levels of emotional and sexual intimacy.

Relationships with unconditional love are relationships that practice absolute transparency. Frequently viewing porn and lying about it can become a boiling point for any intimate partnership and should be addressed before it ever reaches that point.

Like every other partnership challenge, a couple that considers having a relationship worth saving can fix the violation of sexual secrets and trust. In order to accomplish this both partners need to address the issue as to why pornography is being used and how it can be overcome with therapy or intimacy coaching.

Talking about your porn addiction is the first step to admitting your problem. I understand that it can be a very uncomfortable conversation at first. As a Psychotherapist, Marriage Counselor and Couples Intimacy Coach, I have over 25 years of experience in dealing with this issue. There is a way to heal from pornography addiction and heal your marriage or relationship in the process. That process always begins with honest and truthful communication about the problem.

The negative effects of pornography abuse can be more than a burden to some, but please keep in mind that a healing process is available. Others in your life can be encouraging when it comes to quitting your pornography addiction, but ultimately the first step must be taken by the porn user. If an individual does not look at his healing process as an internal one, then it is likely that the recovery period will be short lived or artificial to begin with. Your marriage or relationship will continue to falter and may eventually cease to exist without the professional help you and your relationship or marriage needs to successfully get on the right track with your intimacy.

Remember, if you need help eliminating the negative impact of porn addiction in your relationship, please give me a call today at 970-422-6102 for a Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation for your relationship intimacy needs!

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