Grief and Healing After The Loss Of Someone You Love – Denver & Littleton, Colorado

Grief and Healing After The Loss Of

Someone You Love


Losing someone you love is difficult. Whether that loss occurs through death or separation it always brings deep anguish. The loss of a spouse or intimate partner, the loss of a child or parent, a close friend or sibling can bring life seemingly to a temporary standstill as you try to work through the shock, the denial of what has occurred. My local offices are in Durango, Colorado & Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I also provide online video sessions and phone sessions worldwide.

If You Are Experiencing Grief In These Ways, I Can Help You Heal!

  • Grief is something everyone would like to avoid in life, yet it comes around for all of us sooner or later. If you are struggling with grief you may notice you have. . . .
  • Repetitive thoughts of your loved one and how the loss occurred
  • Deep sadness or anguish that leaves you feeling inconsolable
  • Extreme physical fatigue due to the enduring rawness of your emotions
  • Regret over past events that occurred with your loved one
  • A feeling of incompletion as though something was left unsaid or undone between you and your loved one
  • Difficulty sleeping at night even though you’re exhausted including nightmares
  • Difficulty concentrating on work or tasks you need to do during the day
  • A strong desire to bring your loved one back regardless of the circumstances of loss
  • A loss of interest in your usual activities and what used to be fun or enjoyable for you

If you are experiencing grief and finding it very difficult to turn the corner and regain some balance in your life, I’d like to help you. The healing methods I offer are helpful to my clients and ease the intensity of suffering almost immediately.

I’m available for counseling sessions at my Durango, Colorado or Pagosa Springs offices. I’m also available by phone or video sessions for grief coaching anywhere in the world in English speaking countries.

I’ll stay with you through your healing process and help you get there a lot faster.

I offer a 15 Minute Consultation at no charge. Call me now to discuss how I can help you through this difficult time in your life at 970-422-6102.

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