Grief Counseling in Littleton, Colorado and Denver, Colorado

Grief Counseling in Littleton, Colorado & Denver, Colorado

In my private practice in Littleton, Colorado, I work with individuals and families who need Grief Counseling  & Grief Counseling or Bereavement Counseling.

Grief therapy is especially helpful when you have experienced the trauma of losing someone close to you, someone you love. Life presents all of us with losses eventually. As I tell my clients, all relationships end. We don’t know when, or how or why they will end, but they all end and we are faced with dealing with our losses in one way or another. When these times inevitably come into your life, you need the comfort of loved ones and often professional help to get through your grief with Grief Counseling or Grief Coaching.

People have many ways of trying to cope with grief. Some try to ignore it and not deal with it because they are afraid of so much pain. Those who try to avoid grieving often experience themselves running from their pain through addictions of one kind or another. Is this your path? The best way to heal from the pain is to go through the pain. Attempting to run from it only prolongs it. Remember grieving is your heart’s way of healing your pain. If you try to avoid it, healing becomes elusive.

Grieving happens over a longer period of time than most people would like for you to believe. Because of this discrepancy between the reality of grief and what many people expect of you, you may often experience an impatience exhibited by those around you, and even those closest to you. Do you experience those around you wanting you to move on much faster than you are capable of healing? Grief Counseling will allow you to process your feelings and help you to regain some balance in your life without rushing you to move forward faster than you are able to do so.

There are two types of grief – Simple Grief & Complicated Grief.Simple grief refers to the grief that comes with a single, immediate loss. Anyone experiencing a loss will go through some pain and after a time will begin feeling better. Healing your grief in this case follows a fairly predictable path and the outcome is forward movement in your life. Complicated grief on the other hand is grief that feels as if it’s never getting any better. It can drag on for years and become very debilitating in many ways. This form of grief is usually related to several consecutive losses and often brings up childhood memories of abandonment or betrayal. These complicated factors in the grieving process make it difficult to heal in the shorter time it takes to heal from simple grief.

Often the impatience of others about your grief is related to their inability to fully understand your pain or know what to say or do about it. They may feel confused or overwhelmed by your grief or simply feel inadequate to express their thoughts and feelings to you in your time of painful need.

Those who are grieving experience many painful emotions such as denial, anger, depression, wanting their loved one back, and many times will attempt to bargain with God or their loved one so the inevitable loss will not happen. When you know a loss is coming you experience anticipatory grief. There is much pain to work through before you can move into a place of acceptance of your loss. Grief Counseling can help you work though your painful feelings in a safe and accepting environment.

God understands your pain. Perhaps you blame Him and if so, you’re probably very angry at Him for allowing this loss to occur in your life.Even those who have had a close relationship with Him sometimes experience anger at God in their time of pain. There is nothing wrong with you if you feel this way. God understands. He’s still there to love you and care for you.

There is hope for healing your broken heart. I use an integrative, holistic approach that my clients find very effective in their healing. Whether you are struggling with simple grief or complicated grief, I can help you heal, so you can feel better. Life can be better again with the help you need for your healing journey. With evidence-based therapies and spiritual direction I will help you find your way through your pain and transition into a place of healing and hope for your future again. You deserve to feel better again.

If you find that you are suffering a loss and need compassionate, professional expertise to help to heal your grief, please give me to discuss how I can assist you during this very painful time in your life with Grief Counseling. Call me today at 970-422-6102 for your compliumentary 15 minute phone consultation.  I look forward to talking with you.


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