Do I Accept Insurance?

I am frequently asked if I accept insurance when people inquire about my healing services. I have written this article to answer this question and the reasoning behind why not accepting insurance is the best choice for my clients and me.

I operate with a fee-for-service private practice, which means that my clients pay me directly through private pay, and then if they desire to seek possible insurance reimbursement, I will give them a statement they can submit to their insurance companies if they qualify for a psychiatric diagnosis. Every client who comes into my practice does not qualify for a diagnosis based on the symptoms they are experiencing. My clients are responsible for dealing with their insurance company and I do not get involved beyond providing a statement to them.

My policy about insurance keeps me in control of my client’s confidential information. It allows me far greater freedom to work with my clients in the ways that I know accomplish deep healing for them with effective results that produce lasting changes. Being under the authority of insurance companies for their profit does not allow me to operate this way in my practice.

Insurance companies limit a psychotherapy practice with the number of visits they will pay for, the duration of those visits and how the therapist is able to work with the client or patient. They also place the therapist in a position of aligning with the insurance company for their profit, rather than with the client for their individual needs for healing.

Many medical specialists, physicians, and mental health professionals who provide counseling services have gone out of business who did not establish a fee-for-service practice. The rate of burnout is high due to the low rates of pay, which force them to see too many clients or patients in shorter periods of time in order to make their living. I saw this problem early on in my profession and deliberately steered clear of it by developing a fee-for-service practice. I have never worked directly with insurance companies for these reasons.

I am committed to a very high level of service to my clients with extended sessions, greater flexibility of the work I do with them, and the freedom to offer them the services that I know truly create healing in their lives, which insurance may or may not cover. My commitment is to effectively and efficiently help my clients create the lasting changes for better lives they truly deserve.

My services are highly specialized for each individual, couple or family I have in my practice and most of the time my clients receive some form of reimbursement for their therapy charges if they qualify for a psychiatric diagnosis. For views from other therapists about accepting or not accepting insurance, please refer to this article, What Your Therapist Hasn’t Told You About Using Insurance

If you have further questions, please feel free to call me at 970-422-6102.

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