Depression Therapy That Heals

Depression hurts. Badly. Many people who are depressed don’t recognize their depression. Those that suffer from it report varying degrees of emotional, mental and physical pain during periods of depression, with difficulty fighting back. The spiritual pain from depression can be just as debilitating.

There is help and hope for you if you are suffering from depression. The depression therapy I use with my clients in Durango & Colorado Springs Colorado brings healing relief for your best results in the most efficient use of time.

Please read on to identify your symptoms of depression and how I can help you to heal and put your life back on track.

Are you finding it difficult to keep a positive focus in life and more and more your thoughts are negative and pessimistic?

Are you struggling in your life with hopelessness, saddness, anxiety?
Have you lost interest in the things in life that once brought you pleasure?

Is your self-esteem dragging and you’re having trouble believing in yourself?

Do feel as if you are slogging through your days slower than usual?

Is it harder to concentrate on the tasks you need to complete at home or at work?

Are you feeling as if there aren’t any solutions to your overwhelming problems and you don’t know where to turn for help?

Are you suffering with insomnia, unable to fall asleep easily or fall asleep again once you awaken during the night?

If you recognize these symptoms in your life, you are likely depressed and in need of healing at some deeper levels.

There are several forms of depression that can disturb a person’s life. Some of them are far worse than others – such as Major Depressive Disorder. Some of them come and go such as Dysthymia, Cyclothymia or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Some depression is related to undesirable life circumstances and some depression is related to a disturbance of the brain’s neuro-biology. In either case, depression is a painful life experience.

Depression is also a naturally occuring part of grief. If you’ve lost someone close to you and you’re grieving, depression is likely to be a part of your healing process. When it hangs on too long though, you need professional help to heal.

Depression is the result of trauma to the soul, spirit, and body. When trauma occurs the autonomic nervous system registers the impact of it and resulting pressure of anxiety becomes an uncomfortable and unwelcome part of your everyday life. Frequently, anxiety left unabated becomes depression, addiction or both.

Trauma is an event that is beyond the normal range of a person’s ability to cope with it. Many events in life fall under this category such as:

the loss of a loved one through death, divorce or some other form of separation
the loss of a home
the loss of a job or career and sometimes the loss of identity that goes along with it
the loss of a beloved pet
the loss of anything else in life that was important to you

There is help and hope so you can feel better . . . .

So you can think clearly and positively again
So you can believe in yourself again
So you can find solutions that work for you in a measurable step by step path out of your pain and into the healing you need to feel better.
So you find peace of mind and inner harmony again

Depression Therapy That Heals

The depression therapies I use in my practice address the complexities of depression on the deepest levels where depression resides – in the neuropathways of the brain, in the brain’s neurochemistry, in the cognitive complexities of negative, pessimistic thinking, in the cries of the soul, in the unconscious mind in early traumatic memories, in the body’s autonomic nervous system, in the body’s energy systems and in the celluar memories of the body.

If you are suffering from depression, please take the step toward healing you need today by calling me at 970-422-6102 for your complimentary 15 minute phone consultation.

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