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  • Has Your Relationship Hit A Rough Patch?
  • That You Just Can’t Seem To Shake?

Every relationship and marriage has its share of troubles, but some “rough patches” seem to last longer than others. Have you or your mate found yourselves:

  • Feeling hopeless that things can get better and contemplating a breakup or divorce lately?
  • Struggling in a sexless marriage and feeling more like housemates than husband and wife, but not knowing where to turn for help?
  • Longing for the “good old’ days” when you used to have fun with your spouse/significant other (before things settled into the same-old, same-old rut you seem stuck in now)?Feeling like your partner isn’t really hearing you or understanding where you’re coming from?
  • Going around and around the same old conflicts, but never resolving them?
  • Feeling a loss of spiritual connection with one another and not knowing how to correct it?
  • Battling a sense of resentment over unresolved issues with your loved one?
  • Fighting against feelings of loneliness that bubble to the surface even while you’re sitting right beside your partner?
  • Wondering if it’s too late to save your relationship or marriage?
  • Feeling raw and suffering from the effects of a betrayal or an addiction and wondering if it’s possible to rebuild any trust?
  • Letting your anger get out of control and feeling guilty and ashamed afterward?

If these are the challenging issues you are facing today, you may be wondering if your marriage or relationship can be saved. If you are a married man you will probably want to ask me, “How Do I Love My Wife?” Men have a harder time in relationships than women, so I work with many married men teaching them how to successfully love their wives and create far greater happiness and sexual intimacy with them. Take a look at what I’m developing now to help you create that Sexual Intimacy again you crave with your mate.

Sign Up Now for my 3 part report report: 3 Sexy Secrets To Spark Passion In Your Marriage Relationship. It’s my Gift to You! In it, you will find many helpful tips and suggestions to bring back a deeper level of intimacy between you and your mate. You can also find more information on my Services Provided page about the types of services I offer my clients.

Like most couples you may have struggled with one or more painful issues between you for several years before deciding you can’t take it any longer, and now you are wondering if it’s too late. One of the most painful issues may be your sexless marriage. You are probably feeling the weight of painful distance and discord in your relationship and wondering what is possible for the two of you with Christian Counseling. Anticipating your needs, I’ve answered some of my most Frequently Asked Questions.

Is your marriage suffering because of an affair or sex addiction that has further disturbed the trust, commitment, emotional, and sexual intimacy between you? If so, I know you’re in a great deal of pain and probably feeling hopeless that your marriage will survive this upheal in your lives. You’re wondering if your marriage can be saved after all that has happened, right? Perhaps you have a painful, sexless marriage and need to learn how to come closer and be intimate again.

Making the decision to seek counseling / psychotherapy means you are now one step closer to healing and creating the positive changes and outcomes you desire. Remember real, positive change gives you a better experience in your relationship or marriage. For positive change to occur, you and your partner must let go of your current relationship story and create a better one. I can help you create that better story. Please see my Testimonials.

You are likely coming here in a lot of pain today feeling hopeless, overwhelmed, confused and in despair because of conflict and communication difficulties with your partner. Perhaps you are needing recovery from a phobia or obsessive-compulsive behaviors such as porn addiction / sex addiction. It may be that you’re struggling with sexual intimacy issues and anxiety due to a betrayal of emotional, physical, or sexual trauma from the past, the betrayal of an affair, or anger management issues. These unhealed issues affect you and your current relationship or marriage and create great distress. I can help you. Please know there is hope for you no matter how your current situation looks and feels. Help is on its way.

There is good news for your marriage or relationship!

You DON’T have to suffer in silence any longer. You DON’T have to resolve that it isn’t going to get any better!

  • And you can get started right away!
  • You CAN rediscover the common interests that brought you and your significant other together.
  • You CAN open the lines of communication to ensure that both you and your partner feel heard, understood, and loved.
  • You CAN discover new ways to resolve conflicts naturally before they cause rifts that can potentially destroy your relationship.
  • You CAN rekindle the love and companionship you were worried was gone for good.

The newfound happiness in your marriage or relationship begins with a simple phone call. Please call me for a complimentary Relationship Renewal Consultation at 970-422-6102. During this 15-minute phone consultation, with a qualified marriage and relationship counselor and coach, find out if you’re on the right path to your happy ever after – and where a few tweaks could help you get there. We’ll identify any challenges in your marriage or relationship and reveal resources that can help you renew your energy and love much quicker than you thought possible!

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