Common Relationship Patterns

If you’re married or in a relationship, by now you’ve likely noticed some unhealthy relationship patterns emerge between you and your partner! My Counseling, Relationship Coaching & Marriage Coaching practice serves couples in their 20’s to 60’s! Appointments are available worldwide by video-conferencing for Relationship Coaching & Marriage Coaching. Local sessions are also available in Durango, Colorado & Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Often, I see the same familiar patterns arising in the relationships and marriages that I help to heal. As different as each couples’ problems may be, they all have some things in common with one another. In this article I’m going to outline and briefly describe those issues. Perhaps you will identify some of your own here. If so, please know you are not alone and there is help for your marriage or relationship! Love can prevail with the healing and new skills you both need!

One of the most common relationship patterns I see is ineffective communication between partners. Ineffective communication can be driven by several relationship issues that produce their own patterns of conflict in relationships, such as lack of good communication skills, unconscious conflict, attachment wounds, integrity issues, addictions, phobias, ADD & ADHD and fear of intimacy.

To help the couples in my practice to heal their relationships, I find that getting to these issues beneath the ineffective communication must be addressed as much as the teaching of effective communication skills.

In many ways each couple must come to deeper understandings of themselves and their partner to acquire new relationship skills that help them heal and set them on the road to happiness with one another.

If you recognize any of these common relationship patterns in your marriage or relationship give me a call today for your Complimentary 15 Minute Consultation for Marriage Coaching & Couples Intimacy Coaching at 970-422-6102.

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