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Being married or in a relationship of any duration, you know how difficult it can be at times to make it work well. What makes your marriage or relationship seem like it’s sliding on a slippery slope? My counseling and coaching private practice for couples is dedicated to helping you achieve the results you need that make your marriage or relationship fulfilling.

With 28 years of experience in Christian Counseling, Coaching & Christian Ministry working with couples of all ages, I feel a deep sense of fulfillment in helping couples to communicate better, resolve intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts, heal from infidelities, deepen their love, attachment, and relationship security, and find greater emotional and sexual intimacy together.

Christian Marriage & Couples Coaching Sessions are available locally in Durango, Colorado and worldwide conveniently by secure, encrypted video-conferencing from the comfort of your own home.

Your marriage or relationship is important to you. Find the solutions you need to:

  • Long-standing unresolved conflicts that leave you and your partner feeling drained and distant from each other
  • Difficult communication patterns that don’t effectively create solutions
  • Feelings of abandonment, rejection, alienation and lack of respect and caring
  • Lack of emotional intimacy and connection that makes you feel loved by your partner
  • Lack of sexual intimacy and connection that makes you feel unloved by your partner
  • Painful infidelities

Find your way back to one another again:

  • Feel closer and more connected with your partner
  • Enjoy being together again
  • Feel the love flow freely between you again
  • Learn to give and receive love in new ways to increase your emotional & sexual intimacy
  • Learn how to talk with one another in new ways that help you settle your disagreements faster and more productively
  • Rebuild trust, respect and love after infidelities

For your 15 Minute Free Consultation give me a call at 970-422-6102 to learn how I can help you get the marriage or relationship you truly want.


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