Your Spouse or Partner Is A Sex Addict – Online Recovery

When you love a sex addict, regardless of the status of your relationship, you will be affected greatly by trauma or PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) if your partner has been sexually acting out during your relationship with him or her….

How Couples Can Recover From Infidelity

As I’ve worked with couples over the past 25 years in Marriage Counseling & Marriage Coaching one of the most painful wounds I’ve helped couples heal is infidelity. Make no mistake about it this healing is hard work! When couples…

Common Relationship Patterns

If you’re married or in a relationship, by now you’ve likely noticed some unhealthy relationship patterns emerge between you and your partner! My Counseling, Relationship Coaching & Marriage Coaching practice serves couples in their 20’s to 60’s! Appointments are available…

Rave Reviews

Click here to return to the homepage. Below are testimonials (Rave Reviews) of my work with others. I’d like to extend a very deep heart-felt thank you to all my clients for the many ways you bless my life! I…

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