Anger Management Therapy That Works

Anger Management Therapy in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Durango,Colorado is a hot topic these days, both in mental health circles and in society. Since anger management issues affect so many people in society, it is imperative to address them effectively with anger management therapy that works.

In my private counseling and coaching practice, I teach skills, provide therapy and appropriate care and support for people who are struggling to break free of something that hinders them and keeps them stuck, unable to move forward in their lives.

Since anger issues affect individuals from childhood to adulthood, anger management skills must work for each person at their developmental level. For the person who is daily struggling with anger problems, it is important to learn effective coping skills.

In my practice I use a variety of skills to help people deal with negative emotions, and one of the best interventions is EMDR II Therapy, which I’ve used with my clients for the past 18 years. This therapy is the most widely-researched of all time is used as an anger management therapy frequently in my practice. EMDR II works with a person’s anger when feeling tense and upset, and causes their negative emotional energy to dissipate, resulting in relaxation of the body and a deep letting-go.

EMDR II is an Energy Psychology therapy that works with an individual’s brain neural pathways and the energy body where traumatic or painful memories get stored. New anger management skills are reinforced within the EMDR II process. EMDR II re-balances the brain hemispheres to help individuals release feelings of hurt, fear, and anger in the emotions, and the resulting tension stored in the body. As this release occurs, there is a relaxation response that is beneficial to the mental processes, the emotions, and the body.

Adopting positive anger management skills that work for each individual may involve the very helpful practice of keeping a journal. When people write about their feelings about what is happening in their lives and relationhips, it helps provide some relief of their negative thoughts and emotions. Putting them on paper can be constructive to sorting through them and thinking through possible decisions and choices and the consequences that will accompany them.

This anger management activity may provide specific details and perhaps triggers of unresolved memories from the past, which usually continue to cause problems for them, particularly in their current relationships. Being able to read and review reactions to situations, facilitates useful information that can be used in EMDR II Therapy to create helpful changes in thinking, feelings, perceptions and behavior.

Learning and implementing anger management skills that work is certainly an essential step when striving to resolve the painful feelings of hurt and fear beneath the rage and anger. When an individual is attempting to gain control and eliminate the negative feelings normally dictating his or her life, exploring anger management therapy is necessary to find workable solutions that arise from correcting the underlying causes. If you find yourself struggling with anger that you’re unable to manage constructively, then consider EMDR II Therapy to help you work through these issues.

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