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The thrill is gone. The love. . . . . adíos. There’s nothing but grinning and bearing it now. Perhaps it’s become so difficult between you and your mate that you’re both living together in a sexless marriage or you’re separated and living apart from one another. Where you are now with your mate certainly isn’t where the two of you intended to be today when you took your wedding vows. How did it all go so wrong? Procrastination usually doesn’t lead to good results. What will it cost you if you continue down the same path you’re on now? Please don’t wait until it’s too late to reach out for the healing you need.  Waiting too long to get professional help is one of the biggest mistakes I see couples make. The longer you wait, the more your relationship deteriorates when it’s going in the wrong direction and you and your mate don’t know what else to do. My local Littleton, Colorado office near Denver, Colorado provides Christian Counseling and Coaching to help you individually or your marriage, relationship or grief from the loss of it.

I also provide Christian Life Coaching, Couples Intimacy Coaching & Grief Counseling by phone sessions and online video sessions by secure, encrypted video in the state of Colorado.

Individual and Couples Intensives are a way to accelerate the healing process by setting aside sacred healing space for extended periods of time either in my Littleton, Colorado office or in the comfort of your own home. Call me now at 970-422-6102 to schedule your Free 15 Minute Consultation at my office or by phone!

God has a purpose and a plan for you and your marriage! Do you know it? Are you following it? Now is the time to dig a little deeper and discover all God wants for you and your marriage. I specialize in helping couples heal from the painful betrayals of affairs, pornography and sex addiction. There is hope and true restoration in genuine healing and that’s what my work with you is all about! If you are going through a divorce, breakup or you lost your spouse in death, I’m here to help you heal and move forward with your life in positive ways.

Many of my clients are men who typically have a more difficult time finding their way around in relationships than women. If that’s you, you may want to ask me, “How do I love my wife?” Men often come to me because they are frustrated with the lack of sexual intimacy in their marriage. They don’t understand what they are doing wrong with their wives that keeps them from getting their sexual intimacy needs met. Men, if you want a passionate love life, you must learn how to take care of your wife’s heart through emotional intimacy with her first. I can help you learn exactly how to do it, so you can give and receive the love and intimacy you want with your wife!

Perhaps you have a marriage or relationship that feels like this one – Love / Hate Relationships and you’d like to learn how you and your partner can stop all the negativity that makes you spiral down and be miserable together. Sometimes that’s what people in relationships create, unintentionally.

Fortunately, you and your mate don’t have to be one of them, continuously muddling through your life and your relationship this way. You need solutions that work and bring you and your loved one closer together. God deeply desires to bring healing and restoration to you and your mate.

 I’ve been helping couples rejuvenate marriages and relationships like yours for 28 years to restore not just the thrill, but restoring the love and the emotional and sexual intimacy. All the ways you used to feel and respond to one another. Even if it’s been a long while. If it was ever there, we can bring it back to stay! 

Reach out today with a phone call before it’s too late. Call me at 970-422-6102 for a 15 Minute Complimentary Consultation at my office or by phone to learn how I can help you!

Making a decision to find a marriage counselor or psychotherapist means you are now one step closer to the healing you need to create the positive outcomes you desire in your life. You need someone you can trust, who will empathize and understand your unique situation and its specific issues and nuances. You need expert, quality knowledge and a specific measurable path of progress and growth that fits your Christian belief system with a Christian Counselor who shares your love of Jesus Christ. I offer holistic counseling that addresses your life difficulties at the levels of mind, emotions, body & spirit.

Online I provide Christian Marriage Coaching, Couples Intimacy Coaching, Trauma-Resolution Coaching & Grief Counseling conveniently via closed circuit, confidential, encrypted video-conferencing from the convenience of your own home within the state of Colorado, and locally from my office in Littleton, Colorado 80120.

If You & Your Mate Are Experiencing Any Of These Difficulties,

New Hope For Both Of You Is Just A Phone Call Away!



  • You find that over time you and your mate are experiencing more conflict, emotional and sexual distance, or withdrawal and you strongly desire to find the path back to loving connection again before it’s too late!
  • You both feel you’re not being heard and the connection between you is suffering!
  • You recognize that your marriage or relationship will improve as you work on changing yourself and not your mate!
  • To change yourself you are willing to explore areas of your personality or relationship skills that need improvement!
  • You and your mate are struggling with infidelity issues and don’t know how to sort through the confusion and if or how your trust and intimacy can be restored!
  • You fear losing your mate, but are unsure of how you got in the rut you find yourselves in or how to get out of it!
  • Your mate has left and you want him or her back home to stay!
  • You are suffering from grief or heartache from the loss of someone close to you!
  • You find yourself feeling lonely, sad and anxious much of the time about your relationship with your mate!
  • You may initially be unaware of the connection between your unresolved pain from the past and your current marriage or relationship problems!
  • You may struggle with limiting beliefs or use negative self-talk and find these struggles affecting your relationship happiness!
  • You long to break free from your limiting beliefs and barriers in life, so you can move forward in bigger, better ways in your marriage or relationship!
  • You are intelligent, have attained a measure of success in your life, yet feel the weight of your problems holding you back in your intimate relationship.
  • You are sensitive, caring, courageous yet find it difficult to communicate effectively with your mate and resolve conflicts that weigh your relationship or marriage down!
  • You long for the good old days when you and your mate felt deeply connected and shared a sense of intimacy and joy in being together!
  • You are highly motivated to heal, change and achieve greater levels of success in your life, work and relationships!
  • You are willing to invest in yourself for your greater well-being and happiness and the happiness of your marriage or relationship!
  • You are committed to your healing, spirituality, personal development and creating transformation in your life, work or relationships!

Find Your Way Back To Fun & Intimacy Again!



  • Learn to resolve conflicts much easier and stop wasting your time and emotional energy arguing!
  • Restore your emotional and sexual intimacy with one another, even if it’s been impaired for a very long time!
  • Learn how to express greater empathy, patience and understanding with one another!
  • Learn how to build the foundation for love that works!
  • Repair old attachment wounds, so you can move forward together, even after infidelity!
  • Rebuild a deep connection after healing your anxiety, grief, anger, sadness and betrayal wounds!
  • Find deep healing and restoration of your soul and love bond that brings forgiveness!
  • Learn how to give love to your mate in the ways that he or she feels most loved!
  • Bring back the fun to your relationship that’s been missing for so long!

If you’re ready for transformational change, you’ve come to the right place!

I help my clients obtain AMAZING RESULTS! It has been my purpose, calling and the work of my heart for the past 28 years! 

“…Incredible Insight And Wisdom And An Amazing Ability To Communicate…”

“My wife & I have been married for 43 terrific years. Somehow over time, my ability to communicate and truly hear what she needed to say, to be in touch with her deepest feelings, had been slowly evaporating over the years. We had a façade of happiness. I am delighted to say that situation has begun to change. Thanks to Avelon, we have been given real tools with which to construct a new relationship. Avelon has incredible insight and wisdom and an amazing ability to communicate truths that has produced positive results we can feel, right now. We can feel our relationship changing and growing into what we’ve both wanted for many years but didn’t quite know how to achieve it. Now, we continue to grow together and discover a deeper love…together. We will be forever grateful for Avelon McNae.”


“Avelon Is A Heaven Sent.”

“Avelon is a heaven sent. If it was not for Avelon’s positive coaching and communication tips my wife and I would not be together today. Thank you Avelon.”


“She Has Given Me Hope, Wisdom, And Direction.”

I met Avelon about 4 years ago while traveling in Durango. I needed a compassionate person to hear me out, give me some direction and help me in the grieving process over the loss of my husband. I desperately needed help and guidance for my daughter, who had turned to drugs in her grief. I cannot express enough gratitude to Avelon for all she has done for me and how she has given me hope, wisdom, and direction in an otherwise very difficult and sad time in my life. She has seen me through it all and I am forever thankful for her help and guidance. Life would have been so much more difficult without her. Thank you so much Avelon!!!

Regina Koon

“The Results Of Seeing Avelon Were Powerful And Immediate.”

I recently did some EMDR therapy with Avelon. I had been dealing with the trauma of a recent divorce, as well as unresolved issues from the past. The results of seeing Avelon were powerful and immediate. After just one session I could tell the difference. If you are dealing with the effects of trauma, please get help immediately. God puts people like Avelon on this earth to help those in need. The sooner you start, the sooner you can heal and start living the life you deserve.

Paul D

“ When it feels like nobody else cares about you, she genuinely does.”

I had depression. I could recognize all the wonderful things that I had—a loving husband, a beautiful home, great physical health, etc.—but I couldn’t find any joy in them. Thoughts started to creep in on ways to destroy myself. I didn’t want to get out of bed. All I could do was cry everyday and put on fake smiles when with other people. The heartfelt words of my husband bounced off of me with no effect. It was when I spoke with my dad, who at one point had also dealt with severe depression, that I realized that I needed to seek help. I asked him, “How do I know when I need to talk to a professional?” He replied, “When you ask that very question.” I made a couple calls to various counselors in the area and had left messages. Two days later nobody had returned my calls. It was becoming apparent to me that, indeed, killing myself was a valid option. I then found Avelon—just one more try. I left a message with no hope…just like the rest. But within minutes she called me back. She called me back and saved my life.

My sessions with her were always professional and I always felt like I was in a safe environment to discuss matters that I hadn’t told anyone—not even my husband. I felt comfortable with her from the very moment that I stepped into her office. Avelon brought me to a place of realization. I had lost a lot of my “identity” in the last year—especially when a career that I had spent years trying to build fell through—and Avelon helped me see that loss for what it was and brought me to a level where I felt like I could start to build something new and succeed.

Please find Avelon if you need help.  In fact, we still stay in touch just to say “hi.” Her intentions are pure and she can help you.


“We did several 3-hour block segments which were very helpful. It really worked!”

On a vacation trip with my adult daughter, Rachel, we made arrangements to lunch with some old friends, one of them a past girlfriend, Sabrina, from VERY long ago. Without really realizing it, I found myself developing feelings for Sabrina. Nothing untoward happened, but when the vacation trip was over and I found myself back home, I was an emotional basket case. I was almost constantly fantasizing about being with Sabrina, going on dates with her, walking in the park with her, maybe even slipping an arm around her, etc. I felt very ashamed and very confused; I had not been looking for this, had not been anticipating this, nothing like this had ever happened to me before,  and I think I felt sucker-punched. Even weeks later, when Avelon McNae told me: “you’re in love with Sabrina!”, I was surprised and at least partly in denial!

My desire to be with Sabrina was matched only by my desire to NOT to be with her; I wanted to be true and faithful to my wife, Catherine; in no way did I want to breach that special trust between us.

So how did I get over this? (Yes, thankfully, I got over it!)

  • I think key for me was my solid commitment to be true and faithful to Catherine. That was simply a principal I would not renege on (although I felt terribly conflicted, like I had turned away from her).
  • I fessed up to Catherine, told her the truth, and asked for her support. She wasn’t thrilled, of course, but she was pleased I fessed up and wanted to make things right! Avelon said that was a very good thing to do, to fess up.
  • I went through old scrap books and gathered up wedding pictures and other pictures and our old letters from long ago. That was great! It helped rekindle a spark in our marriage and was very refreshing! In fact, strangely, our marriage is BETTER now than it was! That’s great!
  • I prayed and even “cried before the Lord” a lot; I asked for His helping hand in the healing process, and to help me understand myself. I don’t think I got instant relief, but I did feel His approval of my desire to be clean, and I also felt His patience with me, which was helpful and reassuring. I am confidant turning to the Lord helped a great deal!
  • Something that I found was very difficult for me to do was to actually recognize and realize when I was daydreaming about Sabrina—and to “change the subject” and think about something else instead; however, it was helpful to do so.
  • Impatient with my lack of progress and even occasions of regression, I called up Avelon McNae and made an appointment. We did several 3-hour block segments which were very helpful. It really worked!
  • Finally, I resigned myself to realizing that becoming fully healed was a process that simply was going to take some time.

Anonymous (Real Names Disguised)

To find out how you can get similar AMAZING RESULTS in your life & relationships. . . .

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Call me today for your Complimentary 15 Minute Phone Consultation at 970-422-6102!

I’ve focused my work by specializing in working with couples. Most therapists don’t want to work with couples. However, I enjoy it immensely and find that couples are able to achieve healing and growth as they work with me.

You can learn new and exciting ways to recreate the passion between you and your mate! The work I do with couples is highly specialized and custom-tailored to your specific marriage or relationship needs. I love to help couples find healing, deeper levels of communication and conflict resolution, restoration of trust, respect, peace, harmony and deepen their love, intimacy and attachment bonding.


My focus in working with couples as well as each individual in the relationship is to help bring healing, growth, fun and greater development that deepens your love bond.

Your help is on the way with your phone call to me at


for your Complimentary 15 Minute Office or Phone Consultation!

Perhaps you’ve been feeling the need to get professional assistance for a while. Getting the help you need when you need it is critical to your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health.

You may be struggling with grief and needing to heal your broken heart, or perhaps you have some unresolved trauma from your past that needs to be addressed or you may be struggling with sex addiction or affairs and the negative effects on your marriage or relationship.

If you are wanting to Quit Smoking, I can help you do it with Hypnotherapy!

If you’ve come here today because of marital or relationship issues you may be wondering if it can be saved with some professional assistance. Like most couples I help, you may have struggles with several painful issues that keep you feeling distant and disconnected from one another far more than you’d prefer. The distance and disconnection are warning signs that your relationship or marriage is in trouble and needs attention. If you and your mate aren’t able to repair the damage and find better ways to be together, then please give me a call. I can help both of you find the healing and new skills you need to move forward together!

Is your marriage or relationship suffering with trust, emotional and sexual intimacy and commitment issues due to an affair or sex addiction? Or, perhaps you have a sexless marriage with a lot of unresolved issues between you, and need to learn how to come closer to be intimate again. For positive change to occur, you and your mate must work through letting go of your current relationship story and develop a new one that works much better. I will help you create that better story!

With many years of experience in Marriage Counseling, Psychotherapy, Christian Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Couples Intimacy Coaching & Christian Ministry I can help you with the healing and solutions you are needing today to create a better life and relationship with your mate. You may find it useful to read some of my Client Testimonials. To learn more about the benefits of Counseling or Coaching please scroll further down this page.

If you’d like to know about my policy regarding clients’ insurance, please read Do I Accept Insurance?

Much of my work utilizes EMDR II (Eye-Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Both of these modalities are powerful methods of healing and resolving trauma and painful memories!

You will find a scheduling calendar for any of these options by going to my Online Appointment Calendar listed in the menu bar above.

Marriage Counseling & Grief Counseling: As an experienced Marriage Counselor & Marriage Coach, Grief & Trauma Counselor I offer:

Depression TherapyAnxiety TherapyPTSD TherapyMarriage Counseling, Family Therapy, or Grief Counseling.

Marriage & Couples Intimacy Coaching & Grief Coaching: Life Coaching or Relationship Coaching 

Marriage Counseling

You may suffer from some degree of unhealed trauma, which leads to anxiety, low self-esteem, poor performance, grief, depression, addictions, anger issues, PTSD, ADD or ADHD and consequently relationship problems, health problems & work problems.

You are likely looking for ‘healing’ as a place of beginning in your personal, relationship and spiritual growth with a Counselor or Psychotherapist.

Marriage & Couples Intimacy Coaching

You may not have these specific problems. Instead, you may find there is a discontentment moving through your life. You may be wanting more out of life or your relationship. You may desire changes in these areas, but are uncertain about what changes to create, or how to go about it.

You are likely looking for ‘personal, relationship or spiritual growth work’ with a Marriage & Couples Intimacy Coach.

Call Now For Your Complimentary 15 Minute Consultation at


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